The reason why I prefer Vietnam trip package

By | March 9, 2016

1. Street food

The best place to enjoy Vietnamese food is not in the restaurant, but on simple food stores at the corners of the way.It does not need complex cooking technique to make a savoury food, ironically the procedure to make street food is starlingly not complicated. Normally it does take 1-2 minutes to get a good dish.It surely is not difficult to find a food stall; truly speaking you will see them anyplace you are.During my Vietnam vacation packages, I vote the experience of enjoying food in the traveling way to be the best memory of mine.It’s is definitely a fantastic experience to eat Vietnamese food on the plastic stools in some small corners.

Street food in Saigon packages

2. Cross the road
For those who are from some developed countries having a trip to Vietnam, then possibly getting across the road is an crucial technique you have to know.Due to the huge popularity of motorcycle, the roadways in Vietnam is full of two-wheel motor vehicles that could scarcely forecast their direction.The tip to pass the roads in Vietnam is usually to calmly walk through the stream of motor vehicles. Never dart through the traffict, it really is dangerous.However you should not get worried, they will not hit you.You may think it is unsafe, but it surely is quite interesting when try getting across the roads in Vietnam.

3. Coffee
This S-shaped country is the second greatest manufacturer of coffee in the world.You should taste the “original flavour of coffee” in Vietnam: they are really tougher than usual.Sweeten condense milk is often mixed with coffee to reduce the bitterness of this kind of drink. To have the finest taste of Vietnam coffee, you should have a sip in Highland coffee store.Having some coffee in the shop of Vietnam makes me become happy and even relieving.

4. Halong bay
Halong implies “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. Insightful name, and impressive place too.Halong actually deserve the label “herritage site of the world”.Arriving at Halong bay, the impressive scenery will surely make you feel as if you have come into some paradise on earth.Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with a lot of towering limestone islands, which is covered by rain forests in the top, together with clean water with colour as green as emerald.You will definitely be surprised by the wide variety of shapes of those limestone karsts and isles.Since Halong bay is normally full of tourists, it is the best to escape from public vacation and also peak time in case you are coming this site.

5. City parks
Vietnamese local parks are filled with vivid sound combined with physical exercises.On a regular basis, in the morning-time or in the sunset, it is possible to find a crowd of people spending time on exercise or dancing together beside the lake.You can also see people walking or even running in the park.Despite the fact that I am a foreigner, I nevertheless think that these activities engaging.If you like to participate in, just join them, the more the merrier as said by Vietnamese.
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