What is copper cold?

By | November 16, 2016

Now let’s learn about copper metal, especially frozen and extremely interesting discoloration

Copper cold

Also very heavy but not black metal but also to contract 3-4 times the normal contract and may be more severe.
Any color
Copper cold when baked in a gas oven for about 1 hour spent simultaneously pressed to get candle, the candle does not flow as co Cuan. You can use the average of the gas torch directly at least 40 minutes, then try to continue such use candles, candle does not flow is achieved.

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Copper often cold in antiques and worshiping, chicken on the old presses, coal can also have …


Copper discoloration

Also quite heavy, about 2-3 times more than ordinary copper or may be more severe
Usually black, gray, black seeds, gray hairy mouse, gray (on the whole kind)
Use lemon or vinegar to clean sanitation to stains around and pat dry. Get powerful sanding steel sanding, sanding place turn yellow, light yellow, yellow squash flower, red boil, red, silver and white. After 1.5 hours of sanding back to the site of the original color is a standard line.
For White, the comparison also bills in packs of cigarettes, just 100% is reached. If iridescent white, turning to look at traces sanding sides see different color is not right. This type of low-cost silver than others. Achieving the above factors is a standard line.
Often used in the antiques, ancient worship, …